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Judges, Lawyers Talk Professionalism for Family Courts

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    Posted by Florida Women's Law group on February 23, 2016 in Press Release

    Judges, Lawyers Talk Professionalism for Family Courts

    Members of The Jacksonville Bar Association met with judges from the family division of the Fourth Judicial Circuit in February to discuss court procedures as part of their annual Sidebar Luncheon series.

    Attorney Heather Quick, Chair of the Judicial Relations Committee and Owner/Managing Attorney of Florida Women's Law Group, moderated the JBA’s annual luncheon.

    Ms. Quick kept judges and attorneys on task as they deliberated courtroom procedure, attorney conduct and judges’ expectations in their court room. Discussions included discovery, electronic filing, testimony by Skype, how to object to evidence, mediation and pre-trial conferences.

    “It is a great testament to the dedication of our fellow judges and attorneys whom participated,” stated Quick. “By providing this forum for open communication, issues are able to be resolved before becoming problematic.”

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